Free PDF Sharing Website with mindblowing Features

I am the owner of a website that attempts to share instructional manuals with persons who are fixing a car, and with professional mechanics. However, these manuals are so large that they have to be in PDF form, and it is nearly impossible to share PDFs on social media. I was able to solve these problems with the use of Yumpu.com, a free PDF Sharing Website.

Favorite features of this PDF Sharing Website

One of my favorite things about Yumpu.com is that it is completely free to use, that it actually allows me to upload PDFs and share them on Facebook, Twitter & Co, and that it does not take very much time to use Yumpu.com. I was even able to use Yumpu.com to upload documents that can be viewed with the use of mobile devices. Continue reading →


Embedded PDF – don’t do it! Here’s the correct way!

Embedding a PDF file onto my site was pretty easy, but I wasn’t prepared for the slow loading times and the inability to post it on my social media sites. After finding Yumpu.com, I knew that there was a better option out there that was available to me. I chose to go with an ePaper publication and get rid of old PDF files that were just cramping my style. I needed something that was more worth the time of my visitors, so going with ePaper was a pretty easy decision to make. Continue reading →